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The new kid on the block, Woke Ramen comes with a big personality and flavour;
transcending boundaries through the language of food. Stay woke with Woke Ramen.

The Brief

  • Conceptualize and develop a Brand Identity for the launch of a new ramen brand in Singapore
The Challenge

  • A creative concept that resonates with modern consumers to drive brand loyalty and repeat patronage
  • Tap into the booming Halal market in Singapore

The Solution


Brand Naming and Logo Design

Inspired by the launch location of Changi Airport, the name ‘Woke Ramen’ embodies a sense of inclusivity and diversity. The brand takes on a playful disposition, integrating wordplay in its naming with “Woke” and “” – a spin on “wok”, a unique selling proposition of the ramen brand. Paying tribute to its Chinese influence, “拉面和我们” (ramen and us) is sealed in the logo design while conveying the connection between food and people. To articulate the cultural exchange of flavors, we drew inspiration from Japanese calligraphic paintings and traditional Chinese seals.

Brand Identity

Imagine an infusion of collagen chicken broth, the springy ramen noodles from Chinese cuisine and the “Wok Hei” from Singaporean zi char dishes – that’s how Woke Ramen was born. It’s about the awakening of one’s senses when slurping on the bowl of goodness and this essence is encapsulated in the set of Brand Narratives, which serves as visual inspirations and guidelines.

A colour palette was curated to visually express the bold flavours and authenticity of Woke Ramen, with red and black being the primary colours.

Design Elements

Conceived and positioned as a hangout for families with young children, its aesthetics take on a modern and minimalist look. Brush stroke is adopted as the design element and applied across retail displays and digital assets.

Scope of Work

  • Creative Conceptualization
  • Brand Naming and Tagline
  • Social Media Framework
  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Brand Expressions: Imageries & Narratives
  • eDM Framework
  • Logo Design
  • Retail Branding
  • Point-Of-Sale Marketing Materials
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