Senoko Energy Take Charge

Senoko Energy Background Powering Singapore since 1977, Senoko Energy is the nation’s largest power generation company accounting for about 20 per cent of the nation’s electricity needs. Globally, corporates are moving towards mandatory corporate climate-related disclosures not just in view of the existential threats of global warming, but for investor relations as well. The Brief […]


Who says you can’tplay with food? Who says you can’tplay with food? How can we create a retail experience that entices customers to keep coming back, eagerly looking forward to their weekly visits? DoDo, a beloved household brand renowned for its fish balls, has established itself as a market leader in the local scene. […]

Senoko NHO

Powering new homes and new beginnings Powering new homes and new beginnings How can we become new homeowners’ top-of-mind choice and establish Senoko Energy as their trusted energy partner in their home journey? Established in 1977, Senoko Energy is a pioneering force in power generation and energy solutions, holding a dominant presence in the Open […]

Coffeehock – Sip and Soar

Sip and Soar Coffeehock’s brand revival for Today’s tastes and Tomorrow’s trends. Sip and Soar Coffeehock’s brand revival for Today’s tastes and Tomorrow’s trends. The evolution of coffee is a fascinating journey that spans centuries, across cultures and till today, is one of the most traded commodities in the world. The demand for coffee is […]


Changing thenarrative of food Changing thenarrative of food How can Thong Siek Global (TSG) reclaim its authority as a market leader? TSG has a remarkable history of innovation, pioneering automation in the region and supermarket sales in Singapore with its beloved DoDo fish balls. Today, TSG encompasses a diverse portfolio of brands and reaches customers […]


The progression ofof an icon to influencer The progression ofof an icon to influencer How can we preserve the core of a heritage brand while appealing to the preferences of the next generations of consumers? Established in 1976, DoDo quickly found its way into everyone’s life, being the first fish ball brand to be in […]

Dynasty Travel

Awakening wanderlust Awakening wanderlust How can we design a travel fair that redefines luxury through the lens of experiential travel? Asia’s leading luxury travel company, Dynasty Travel underwent a transformative rebranding. Their driving purpose: to empower discerning travellers to “travel well, learn more, and do good.” A profound shift in perspective demanded a reimagining of its […]

SCS More Than Numbers

The stories behindthe digits The stories behind the digits How can we challenge and disrupt the industry and demonstrate Singapore Corporate Services’ (SCS) capacity to empower businesses in ways beyond the books? OA International Holdings, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm boasts over two decades of collective expertise, offering a comprehensive suite of professional […]

Shifting perceptions of sustainability

Shifting perceptionsof sustainability Shifting perceptionsof sustainability With the sustainability narrative still separate from its core brand identity, how can Senoko Energy demonstrate to SMEs that its adaptable solutions cater to diverse needs and scales? Senoko Energy’s #TakeCharge sustainability master campaign kickstarted in 2022 with a virtual B2B forum, followed by a series of virtual and […]

Coulisse Heir Influencer Marketing

The first-of-its-kind fully private pod setting The first-of-its-kind fully private pod setting A luxury hair and scalp care advocate, Coulisse Heir is set to disrupt the market with its premium hair and scalp care services. Providing the first-of-its-kind, fully private pod setting, the newly opened boutique offers a sanctuary for busy urbanities to connect with […]

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