A HUATogether Reunion


Powering Singapore since 1977, Senoko Energy is the nation’s largest power generation company accounting for about 20 per cent of the nation’s electricity needs.

Globally, corporates are moving towards mandatory corporate climate-related disclosures not just in view of the existential threats of global warming, but for investor relations as well.

The Brief

Drive customer acquisition for new and existing customers during the Lunar New Year period

The Solution

Powering Up Positivity

What could be more nerve-racking than “meeting the parents-in-law”? Well, “meet the aunties” during the Lunar New Year – a festivity that brings everyone and everything together. 

Building on Senoko Energy’s campaign strategy and creative materials, ABrandADay played up on the word “能” (neng), to bring forth multiple expressions: Positivity, energy and endless possibilities in the Year of the Rabbit. 

Depicting the types of relatives you will meet during LNY visiting, where requests and comments are aplenty, watch as the young couple makes their comebacks and impress the discerning. 

Amplified on TV, Senoko Energy’s social channels and Digital ads.

A “HUATogether Reunion” for all

Gifting is an important tradition observed during the LNY. Besides conveying best wishes, it also expresses the thoughtfulness of the sender. Sending positive energy to its corporate clients, Senoko Energy tailored the prosperity phrases for Lo Hei (also known as Prosperity Toss) to surround the campaign keyword “能”.

Scope of Work

883 North Bridge Road #15-03

Southbank, Singapore 198785