The evolution of coffee is a fascinating journey that spans centuries, across cultures and till today, is one of the most traded commodities in the world. The demand for coffee is consistently high and more so than ever, coffee is shaping the way people connect, socialise and do business.

To continue to thrive, in an era where specialty coffee and third-wave coffee movement, the challenge was clear for Coffeehock. To thrive as a leader in the market, a branding transformation was necessary alongside product innovation and global expansion to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge.

Coffeehock, with its humble beginnings dating back to 1997, started out as a local heritage coffee and tea manufacturer. The purpose was clear – to supply quality yet affordable beverages to every household, across generations, and for generations to come.

In Uncle Hock’s renowned saying, “HDB is my market, Bungalow is my bonus,” emphasises the primary importance of the HDB market while acknowledging the bungalow segment as an additional or secondary opportunity.
This philosophy aligns with the vision of having Coffeehock in every household where the HDB market represents the foundation.

The key challenge was all about bridging a gap internally: – between first generation and second-generation owners of Coffeehock. There are lessons to be learnt from the past, but the future is one that is full of uncertainty and dynamism and solutions may not always be so straightforward.

The Third Wave of the coffee industry calls for a vastly different approach. Third Wave coffee branding shifts from mass-market to a more niche, informed and personal approach and steer towards a heightened focus on quality, sustainability and artisanal aspects of coffee production.

How can ABrandADay answer the dual challenge of modernising its brand to meet the demands of a changing market while still retaining its appeal to local customers while simultaneously positioning itself for global expansion?

ABrandADay’s Brand Audit session was needed to start off on the right note. The session was held to understand wherein lies the perfect balance for both stakeholders when it comes to their goals and aspirations, and an understanding of their current challenges, as the brand prepares for global expansion and embrace a new direction.


The brand refresh of Coffeehock, embodied in the new direction known as ‘The Third Wave,’ signifies an exciting transformation. The introduction of the tagline ‘Sips of Goodness’ encapsulates Coffeehock’s unwavering commitment to quality, bringing people together and the joy of savouring each beverage.

To further solidify Coffeehock’s position as a Singaporean original, an emblem was created to visually represent Coffeehock’s heritage, which reads ‘Truly Singapore, Boldly Original to be amplified across all packaging and communication materials.


As part of Coffeehock’s brand transformation known as the “The Third Wave” this marks Coffeehock’s first foray into dairy-free products. Upholding both tradition while conversing in the language of the next generation, the packaging of Coffeehock’s Oat Milk White Coffee is designed to herald a new era.

In alignment with this transformative vision, the new product packaging for Coffeehock’s oat milk coffee diverges from the conventional aesthetics traditionally associated with ‘Nanyang’ coffee brands. Instead, it radiates a youthful and vibrant ambiance, signifying our unwavering dedication to a fresh and contemporary approach.


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