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A luxury hair and scalp care advocate, Coulisse Heir is set to disrupt the market with its premium hair and scalp care services. Providing the first-of-its-kind, fully private pod setting, the newly opened boutique offers a sanctuary for busy urbanities to connect with themselves for some self care time.

The Brief

  • Establish and strengthen brand equity through strategic influencer marketing

The Challenge

  • Devise a cost-effective influencer marketing strategy for a newly launched luxury brand to generate brand awareness

The Objectives

  • Communicate the brand philosophy of “Scalp Care, Self Care” through influencers
  • Leverage personal experiences to truly bring the key message to life

The Solution

With 9,422 influencers in Singapore, we threw the rule book out of the window. Beyond the number of followers, ABrandADay strategically selected influencers who suffer from hair loss or are passionate about hair and scalp care in a 3-step game plan.



Who could express Scalp Care is first and foremost Self Care?


The tinder chemistry between condition and treatment.


The unusual class of influencers.

1. Brand Building: Dismantling Stigmas

Coulisse Heir sought out influencers who advocate for self care and self love. Through the collective efforts of like-minded individuals, the agency aims to challenge the prevailing stereotypes surrounding hair loss and reinforce the brand’s message that scalp care is an essential form of self care and self love.

2. Seizing Market Opportunities: Unveiling the Tinder Chemistry

Similar to the intriguing matchmaking process, Coulisse Heir identified the crucial yet often overlooked connection between specific scalp conditions and targeted scalp therapy options.

Hidden Victims of Covid-19:

The unexpected correlation between Covid-19 and hair loss mirrored the onset of the pandemic itself. As such cases and enquiries increased notably, Coulisse Heir recognized this opportunity for intervention. We harnessed the power of influencers to bring about positive change. Through authentic stories, Coulisse Heir aimed to empower individuals facing these unforeseen challenges with a renewed sense of strength and resilience.

Empowering New Mothers:

Approximately 50% of new mothers experience post-partum hair loss, a common concern that is still shrouded in stigmas and misconceptions. To address this, we forged strategic partnerships with mom influencers who experienced post-partum hair loss and strongly resonate with Coulisse Heir’s brand philosophy. These partnerships serve as a catalyst for change. By openly discussing the topic and normalizing the experience, Coulisse Heir strives to foster a safe space and supportive community for open discussions.

3. A New Class of Influencers: Self Care Beyond Traditional Boundaries

The agency identified a group of influencers often unnoticed and unaddressed in the realm of self care and scalp health: F&B professionals. These individuals, known for their demanding work schedules and lack of personal self care time, face hidden scalp issues due to the nature of their profession.

While beauty influencers are the default choice in influencer marketing, Coulisse Heir boldly challenged industry norms by partnering with F&B professionals. In doing so, we took on preconceived perceptions, bringing attention to the universal importance of self care, even in industries where it may be overlooked. This unconventional approach allowed Coulisse Heir to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience passionate about food, health, and wellness.

Scope of Work

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing/KOL Engagement
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The Results


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