How can Philips offer a premium and unique listening experience that complements the needs of modern business travellers?

Originating from the Netherlands, Philips is the pinnacle of innovation, illuminating the world for over a century with their pioneering advancements. The brand has remained steadfast in its belief that “there’s always a way to make life better”. Building on this ethos, Philips is introducing a line of headphones meticulously designed with discerning business travellers in mind.

How can we redefine the sound experience, repositioning the all-new
Philips TAH8507 Headphones as the go-to choice for business travellers?


Recognising that business travellers lead multifaceted lives – professional as well as personal, we crafted “Syncing to your life’s beat” as the core message. The core message reflects a metaphor – the Philips TAH8507 Headphones synchronises with both the demands of a business traveller’s work-life, and the intricacies of their personal lives. The result? A powerful proposition: Headphones that elevate every aspect of a listener’s life, no matter the context.


We employed a rich and sensory language to vividly convey the capabilities of the Philips TAH8507 Headphones to potential business users.
Phrases such as “TAP to play,” “SWIPE to change,” and “TOUCH to hear the world” artfully encapsulate the headphone’s functional prowess within sensory descriptors that resonate with and engage the audience effectively.

Our goal was to transport potential users into a world where they don’t just envision owning the Philips TAH8507 Headphones; they feel it.


Venturing beyond “what” the Philips TAH8507 Headphones does, we orchestrated the product video to illustrate “how” business travellers could integrate them into their everyday lives. In shaping our narrative, we bridged the gap between technology and user, highlighting the headphones’ versatility to create personalised audio experiences across different aspects of life.

Beyond mere technicality, the Philips TAH8507 Headphones are the versatile companions that business travellers dream of. Whether it’s business meetings or moments of relaxation amidst a bustling schedule, the Philips TAH8507 Headphones effortlessly caters to every need, enriching all experiences.


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