How can we preserve the core of a heritage brand while appealing to the preferences of the next generations of consumers?

Established in 1976, DoDo quickly found its way into everyone’s life, being the first fish ball brand to be in the supermarket. Over the years, the brand’s commitment to excellence and safety earned it global certifications such as BRC, HACCP, and Halal, cementing its reputation as a symbol of trust and quality. The brand expanded its reach, spreading goodness to 30 countries with a delightful assortment of 60 fish-based products.

Despite its well-decorated heritage and global presence, DoDo faced critical challenges. Its growth plateaued, facing strong competition from its dominant rival. Low brand loyalty and limited differentiation meant consumers often opted for the cheaper option, oblivious to whether they were choosing DoDo or its competitor. Furthermore, the rise of health consciousness, particularly among parents, presented an additional obstacle.


To truly understand the essence of DoDo’s business, we engaged the Management and various departments in a series of brand audits. What emerged was a profound commitment to technology innovation and an unwavering dedication to quality, resonating deeply with all stakeholders.

“There’s science behind it” and “there is a need to educate consumers about nutritional values and packaging technology.”

This insight proved to be a defining moment; quality and technology innovation became the anchor of our rebranding strategy. Our focus is on elevating brand transparency. The critical question then arose – how could brand transparency unlock DoDo’s true potential?


As we connected the dots, a new purpose for DoDo emerged – “Do good with food”. This encapsulated DoDo’s holistic commitment to delivering quality products while empowering consumers with knowledge about fish protein and sustainable packaging. It also embodies DoDo’s role as a visionary market leader, spearheading meaningful conversations about responsible food choices and environmental stewardship.


DoDo Boy transitions from being a mere icon in the brand logo to taking centre stage as an influencer, engaging his generation of customers. Embracing his newfound purpose, DoDo Boy champions responsible food choices and technological innovation. The refreshed logo, resembling a quality control seal, stood as a powerful representation of DoDo’s bold new brand identity.


The demands of today’s consumers for brand transparency, authenticity, and responsibility have reshaped the path to consumer loyalty. Recognising this shift, the packaging design presented a two-fold challenge – to stand out amidst the crowded landscape of competing brands and, at the same time, establish a cohesive and unified presence across its extensive range of over 60 SKUs. Data mining through nutritional lab reports unveiled a wealth of essential insights into DoDo’s product ranges. It became clear to us that there is a need to empower the new generation of customers with this knowledge. We set out to create a structured set of product highlights, using facts and figures to guide consumers towards informed choices and responsible decisions. Each package became a testament to DoDo’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and nutritional excellence.

Beyond its eye-catching appearance, the packaging now holds the key to engaging with customers and building trust.


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