DoDo is a popular household brand known for its fish balls. With a strong presence in over 20 countries including Singapore, DoDo has committed to staying consistent to the last bite for over 40 years, putting passion and dedication into delivering only the most satisfying flavours.

It is continuing its expansion with its first full-fledged experiential store – DoDoLand. With unique retail experiences and interactive stations, DoDoLand encompasses a “Wholesome Fun For Everyone”.

The Brief

  • Conceptualise and develop DoDoLand’s brand imagery and narrative.

The Challenge

  • Resonate with the younger target audience group – parents and children alike.

The Solution


Brand Logo

ABrandADay developed a logo that combined the inherently playful nature of the new experiential store with traditional aspects alluding to the rich heritage of the brand. Paying homage to its Chinese origins, “嘟嘟乐圆” came from a transcreation. 乐圆 conveys the meaning of “Land” phonetically. A wordplay, it pieces together 乐 (joy) and 圆 (derived from the second syllable of fish ball, “鱼圆”).

Brand Identity

Fun, immersive and loved by generations – that’s how we envisioned DoDo’s first retail experience. Completed with live stations as interactive touch points to bring out the “So good, so enjoy” Dodo experience.

Following this, ABrandADay set DoDoLand’s tone of voice and brand persona to highlight its retail customer experience. To communicate the playful mood of the space, we established a set of brand imagery that guides its applications – from interior design to customer experience, packaging to merchandise.

Design Elements

Inspired by the familiarity of DoDo’s seafood products, the new, minimalistic design elements reflect the brand’s core products with a modern touch to appeal to the younger demographic.

The design elements were further applied across the entire retail space, inclusive of interactive stations and merchandise displays. This allowed DoDoLand to create a multi-sensory, immersive customer journey where food meets fun.


DoDoLand Poster - DOINK DOINK
DoDoLand Poster - Kiap the YTF
DoDoLand Poster - ABUDEN

Scope of Work

  • Creative Direction
  • Key Visuals and Campaign Messaging
  • Brand Personality and Brand Values
  • Brand Imagery Guide
  • Logo Design
  • Environmental Naming and Design

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