How can we create a retail experience that entices customers to keep coming back, eagerly looking forward to their weekly visits?

DoDo, a beloved household brand renowned for its fish balls, has established itself as a market leader in the local scene. After years of success, the company was ready to embark on a new phase of expansion by opening its first full-fledged retail store, housing its wide range of products.

With the brand’s venture into retail marketing, the competition has intensified. DoDo now finds itself not only competing with other surimi brands but also contending for consumer attention in the same vicinity as its existing retailers.


In the face of heightened competition, a different approach was needed to differentiate DoDo’s offerings and maintain its position as a market leader.

Our vision for DoDo’s first retail experience was one of fun, immersion, and generational love – a place where parents would return for fresh food and children for joyous play.

To bring this spirit of fun and playfulness to life, we carefully curated every aspect of DoDoLand, from language to the store environment. DoDoLand was born. As a nod to its Chinese origins, we introduced the name “嘟嘟乐圆” as a transcreation, blending phonetics to convey “Land”, “joy” and “roundness”. This playful wordplay linked the brand to its iconic fish balls while reflecting a world of joy.


DoDo’s remarkable success with its fish balls has led to a unique challenge – the brand has become synonymous with this iconic product. To unveil the true strength of DoDo’s diverse offerings, we introduced brand elements representing DoDo’s key products to boost product awareness and recognition.

Drawing inspiration from the familiarity of DoDo’s seafood delights, we crafted new, minimalistic design elements that artfully portray the brand’s core products.


DoDoLand is not just about products; it is a celebration of the Singaporean spirit. From live stations echoing familiar Singlish phrases to a spread of household favourites, DoDoLand became a reflection of the island’s soul – bright, cheery and full of life.

With its venture into retail, DoDoLand faced a new challenge – it had to attract its own crowd of customers. No longer confined to supermarket shelves, DoDoLand transformed into a captivating play space for the young and young at heart. Patrons bobbed along to the chirpy jingle, immersed in a therapeutic experience watching fish balls gracefully swimming in the DOINK DOINK aquarium, and indulged in the joy of “having eyes bigger than their stomachs” at the live stations. Our goal was clear: Wholesome Fun for Everyone.

As if engaging the five senses wasn’t enough, we introduced a new dimension called “Play” during the launch. Familiar childhood games were brought to the live stations with varying levels of challenges. Patrons and media friends eagerly guessed the number of fish balls in the DOINK DOINK aquarium, giggled as they made exaggerated moves resembling yong tau foo shapes in a spirited game of scissors paper stone, and bravely sang a line from the infectious DoDoLand jingle. Now, who says you can’t play with food?









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