How can we design a travel fair that redefines luxury through the lens of experiential travel?

Asia’s leading luxury travel company, Dynasty Travel underwent a transformative rebranding. Their driving purpose: to empower discerning travellers to “travel well, learn more, and do good.” A profound shift in perspective demanded a reimagining of its approach to travel fairs. It wasn’t to be a one-off event but the beginning of a thematic series, with chapters waiting to unfold.

Faced with Singapore’s most established travel fair happening concurrently, Dynasty Travel needed to find its footing through its new brand positioning. How could it effectively convey the concept of experiential travel in this saturated industry?


After years of remote work, a collective yearning for real-world exploration emerged – we all felt it; it was time to ‘Zoom Out.’ A reminder that a world of experiences awaited, just beyond the screen’s edge. The concept began with a campaign logo that features interlocking circles, symbolising the essence of travel: exploring and connecting across various destinations, cultures, and perspectives.


Dynasty Travel aimed to ignite wanderlust and a thirst for hidden gems, not just discuss destinations. To breathe life into this vision, we created a captivating visual to convey the richness of these destinations, addressing stereotypes linked with typical tour packages. Smaller groups, experiential travel, and off-the-beaten-path adventures became our focus.

Versatility was a key consideration. The visual became a canvas, ready for the vibrant hues of new destinations and themes.

This consistency wasn’t just about keeping things the same; it was about building a strong identity for the campaign and the brand itself, allowing it to gain traction as the series goes on.


To enhance the experiential aspect, we built upon Dynasty Travel’s foundation, focusing on subtlety and sensory delight. As attendees entered, they were greeted by rows of traditional costumes and enveloped in the world’s rhythms and melodies. Attendees, in their journey through the fringe activities, became creators of their travel stories, capturing the very essence of experiential travel that Dynasty Travel champions.

In line with Dynasty Travel’s belief that the new luxury
is about soul-touching experiences, every aspect of the event delicately weaves the intangible richness
of travel into every moment.


883 North Bridge Road #15-03

Southbank, Singapore 198785