How can we transform fintech into a force
that uplifts lives?

Amidst the transformation of traditional banks and the rise of fintech, a striking disparity emerged. A group of international bankers identified a clear dichotomy: oversaturated markets and underserved communities. This led to the founding of a new brand, driven by a dual ambition – to service the underserved and integrate within the broader ecosystem supporting the APAC region.

It was pressing. Businesses were coming in, drawn by the expertise of the founding members. Despite this momentum, official company incorporation remained pending. Internally, the challenge persisted to unify a corporate identity. This complexity stemmed from aligning the narratives of each founding member.


This pursuit of identity wasn’t a linear path. Our task was to create something that represents them collectively as a digital financial service partner. In an oversaturated market, persuasion hinges not only on individual capabilities but also on the company’s ethos. This was guided by a shared aspiration: to position themselves as a company that is “fit for growth”.

“Fintech isn’t just about automating tasks and
convenience; it’s about making financial literacy and
control accessible to all.” ABrandADay embraces this
shared passion in shaping its brand’s foundation.


At its essence, fintech isn’t just about transactions, algorithms, and data points. It’s about easing financial burdens and enabling individuals and businesses to thrive. This pivotal insight led to FiiT Asia, a brand name that captures its identity as a “Future finance, innovative, integral technology firm”. Our goal was to strike a balance between the expertise needed for financial advancement with a warm, personable approach.


When we humanise fintech, the success metric shifts. It’s no longer solely about transaction volumes or user acquisition. It’s about how many lives were improved and how many businesses were empowered. The tagline, “Trust beyond borders,” underscores its dedication to transcending boundaries and building relationships grounded in trust.

“From one startup to another, we see their passion and this is what motivated us to narrate this vision of theirs, eager to witness how far how wide they will grow.” – Nafe Tong, Chief Creative Officer


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