Finesse Your Craft


De’Longhi is a global coffee authority. Born from Italian passion and craftsmanship, its collection of fully automatic and pump espresso coffee machines brings the world of coffee to our homes. Discover the bean-to-cup journey with De’Longhi.

The Brief

The Challenge

The Brief

Campaign launch for La Specialista Arte; and

Introduce and position the La Specialista range as the go-to coffee machines for home baristas

The Solution


In essence, the La Specialista family of pump espresso coffee machines is about the experience, style and quality results. To ignite the passion in aspiring home baristas, we reframed coffee as an art; a form of self-expression and a journey of discovery. The campaign centred around latte art, building on our new campaign message, “Finesse Your Craft”.

Campaign Localisation

ABrandADay localised the product messaging for the two products carried by De’Longhi Singapore and Malaysia.

Product differentiation was also expressed inherently through latte art techniques, with Prestigio and Arte taking on swan and tulip respectively.

Offline-online Customer Engagement and Experience

Mapping the customer journey, ABrandADay delivered a campaign strategy that’s focused on event and partnership marketing. A pop-up experience at an unexpected location to generate buzz among the working crowd as well as a lifestyle store to reinforce the messaging of home baristas. Bringing the theme of latte art to life, we designed the pop-up experience to include a hands-on latte art session. As a finishing touch, the experience concluded with an invite to the De’Longhi Virtual Lounge experience for more on its bean-to-cup journey.

Social Media Application

Web Banner

Virtual Lounge

Scope of Work

The Results

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