How can Harmony Cookies, a humble ambassador of Singapore’s multiculturalism embed itself in the hearts of locals as both a source of pride and an icon of Singaporean heritage?

Since 1983, YiKoWei upholds a rich tradition of preserving traditional kueh and pastries, treasured by generations of Singaporeans. In a nation where multiculturalism is at the core of its identity, its newest endeavour, Harmony Cookies, aspires to become a quintessential symbol of Singaporean culture.

This isn’t simply about sending out cookies. How could we bake brand advocacy among Singaporeans, crafting a shared appetite among locals and tourists to savour our country’s heritage, one cookie at a time?


When the founder approached us with cookies in hand, each flavour a tribute to the ethnic communities in Singapore and articulated his aspiration for the cookies to proudly grace official gatherings alongside iconic Singaporean treats like bak kwa and salted egg yolk chips, we were instantly captivated by the narrative. ‘Harmony’ was the spark, a name that embodies the spirit of Singapore – diversity and unity in perfect sync.


Much like the blossoming of flowers, Singapore’s heritage pulsates with life. In harmony with this dynamic spirit, we found inspiration in Singapore’s national flower – the orchid – as the emblematic representation of Harmony Cookies. Five distinct orchid petals, representing our diverse ethnic communities, gracefully converge into a unified steak – a visual reflection of Singapore’s cultural unity.

The tagline ‘A Kaleidoscope of Singaporean Flavours’ was crafted for Harmony. Representing the array of flavours and cultures that converge on this little red dot, each cookie is a fragment of our cultural mosaic, coexisting harmoniously in one cookie tin.

The challenge before us is to inspire Singaporeans to champion
the Harmony Cookies brand, not merely as a snack but as an
emblem of our shared heritage. We wanted locals to
embrace Harmony Cookies, make it their own,
and endorse it passionately.


Debuting at Design Orchard during National Day, Harmony Cookies quickly caught the attention of Singaporeans and the media. Its inclusion in the National Day goodie packs further cemented its place in the hearts and homes of Singaporeans.

On the digital front, our task at hand is to etch the colours of harmony for brand familiarity. Vivid splashes of these hues dominate the Instagram feed, serving as an underlying theme.

Harmony Cookies is far from being just another ‘Made in Singapore’ brand. At its core, it is a true memento of Singapore. Each cookie is a storyteller, a messenger of our multicultural heritage, and a gem that encapsulates the Singaporean spirit and our local flavours.


These elements were incorporated in a video, where we featured Harmony Cookies against the backdrop of Singapore’s most iconic locations, like Marina Bay Sands, The Merlion, and the bustling streets of the city.
Every Harmony Cookie meandered through the heart of Singapore, connecting the audience with our local culture. This further cemented the brand’s positioning as a token of Singapore.

To acquaint people with Harmony Cookies’ delightful array of flavours, we devised a “Guess the Flavour” contest as part of our engagement strategy.

The concept was simple yet profound. As participants learnt more about the intricate flavours of Harmony Cookies, they were simultaneously experiencing the heart and soul of the brand. This baked Harmony Cookies’ presence into the hearts of every participant – a solid recipe for enduring connections.


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