Known for its value-for-money products, how can
Midea Group strategically position itself above the price
war fray to cultivate brand desirability and loyalty?

Midea marked its 15th Anniversary with a grand unveiling of its latest line of AI smart home appliances, specially imported for the event attended by trade partners and media friends. The objectives were clear: to drive awareness for their technology and gauge market demand, assessing the potential success of these products.

While the Forbes Global Fortune 500 company has a global presence, it enjoys limited brand recognition in Singapore. With a short turnaround time, how can we leverage a corporate event to secure brand exposure?


In the first-paced world of innovation, every day in waiting is a risk of a competitor introducing a similar technology. Embracing this reality, we adopted a proactive approach by inviting media friends from the Tech, Home & Decoration, and Lifestyle segments to experience Midea’s latest AI smart home appliances firsthand. This exclusive preview was expanded to generate buzz, establishing Midea as the original innovator even before the products hit the Singapore market.


By leveraging this opportunity as a platform to gather market sentiments, Midea laid the groundwork to demonstrate the strong resonance of its upcoming releases with consumers. This strategic move served as a stepping stone in building Midea’s positioning as a future-forward technology brand.

What we did was create a ripple effect that would amplify consumer interest and anticipation for Midea’s upcoming releases.


As a relatively new brand to most Singaporeans, Midea needed to make an impactful entrance. To achieve this, we focused on three key pieces from the curated showcase flown in by the Midea team. Picture this – dry cleaning in the comfort of your home. Not to mention, the washing machine also comes with an in-built AI-powered floor vacuum. And with Singapore’s increasingly unpredictable weather, how about a space-saving 5-in-1 aircon that includes a dehumidifier, humidifier, ventilation fan, and air purifier?

The task at hand was to spark a connection with Singaporean families who lead busy lifestyles and face the challenge of accommodating an increasing number of electronics and appliances within the limited living space of an HDB flat.

Our primary objective was to ensure that people not only know Midea but to remember Midea’s innovative solutions as a must-have when it comes to making life easier and more enjoyable. Truly living up to its newly launched motto: “Midea – make yourself at home”.




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