As the pioneer of sipping vodka from Austria, how can NEFT Vodka capture the hearts and palates of Singaporeans to become their vodka brand of choice?

Born in the pristine Alps of Austria, NEFT Vodka is distilled only three times and crafted with just two natural ingredients — Old-World non-GMO rye grains and oxygen-rich mountain spring water, bringing exceptional craftsmanship and smoothness to every sip. NEFT Vodka has set its sights on Singapore, an influential market known for its discerning taste, marking its debut in Asia.

For far too long, vodka has carried the reputation of a subpar alcohol choice in Singapore, often chugged down without appreciation or overlooked as a mixing spirit. How do we translate “smoothness” to Singaporeans?

Centred around brand localisation, we set out to not just reposition the mixing spirit as an enjoyable experience but to bring out the spirit of smooth perfection. With each sip, NEFT Vodka imparts subtle vanilla notes and a luxuriously lengthy finish of soft, rye spice. To showcase this rich and velvety texture, activities were designed to accentuate NEFT Vodka’s smoothness.


With the artistry of seasoned mixologists, NEFT Vodka seamlessly eased into Singapore’s scene. The secret? An array of cocktail recipes that locals are familiar with, providing a luxurious sipping experience that connects.

But how could we lower the barrier of entry for the vast majority who shy away from neat vodka?


The NEFT dice, a playful twist that lets chance decide the mixer. This adeptly translates the core idea that NEFT Vodka’s extraordinary smoothness blends with everything and anything, in a fun way. Smooth moves were pulled out at the launch party, where media friends and corporate partners also engaged in a spirited competition for the smoothest pickup line, further showcasing the spirit’s irresistible charm — captivating, magnetic, and irresistibly smooth.


Our goal was to make NEFT Vodka the next big thing; one that people want to be seen with. Encased in a visually striking barrel, NEFT Vodka not only captivates with its aesthetics but also offers practicality by keeping the vodka refreshingly chilled for up to six hours. Empty barrels were specially prepared for guests to imprint their artistic and individual marks. Standing tall as centrepieces, larger-than-life NEFT barrels also created photo-worthy moments, all while serving as one-of-a-kind cocktail tables, embodying the blend of style and functionality that NEFT Vodka represents.


With the same attention to detail that defined the launch event, we hand-delivered the very essence of the experience to media friends who could not join us for the night — unfiltered and undiluted. Alongside, we shared the cocktail recipes, a canvas for them to recreate and unleash their creativity, just as we did at the event. After all, the story of NEFT Vodka is best told through shared moments and personalised sips.



883 North Bridge Road #15-03

Southbank, Singapore 198785