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Philips TV & Sound


A global innovator in the area of TV & Sound, Philips believes that there is “always a way to make life better”. Whether used on the go, at work, or at home, it strives to take consumers into a world where technology is more than just technology.

The Brief

Drive awareness for Philips TV & Sound’s Facebook Page

Drive online conversations and conversions

The Challenge

While Philips is a well-recognised European brand, its TV & Sound branding has a lower visibility and brand recall within the Singapore market

The Solution

Social Posts Framework

To boost brand recall, ABrandADay established a set of design frameworks for its Facebook posts. Philips TV & Sound now takes on a more modern and futuristic appearance to convey its positioning statement – the difference is real.

KOL Engagement and Management

To make the brand more personable and widen its reach, the agency engaged personalities such as Qi Yuwu, RRILEY and Shub.

Building Emotional Connection

Human experience is a key to Philips’ customer journey. We integrated Philips’ products into real-life scenarios, allowing users to visualise how their homes and/or lifestyles could get even better.

Scope Of Work

The Results

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