How can we challenge and disrupt the industry and demonstrate Singapore Corporate Services’ (SCS) capacity to empower businesses in ways beyond the books?

OA International Holdings, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm boasts over two decades of collective expertise, offering a comprehensive suite of professional accounting services. As part of the esteemed OA Group of Companies, SCS functions as a subsidiary, curating bespoke, non-assurance services tailored to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

In an industry dominated by the Big Four, SCS sets its sights on being the harbinger of transformation. Their distinctive edge? They recognise that the essence of their role transcends mere numbers.

Exacerbating SMEs’ hesitation to seek advisory services from the larger firms are common misconceptions related to the costs involved and compliance-centric nature of such services. These inaccuracies cloud the far-reaching benefits of sound, strategic advice.

Beyond number crunching, how can SCS dispel these misunderstandings, proving that they are the catalyst for SMEs to strengthen their financial footing?


Long at the forefront of the digitalisation revolution, SCS has forged a formidable alliance with XERO, an esteemed, internationally recognised authority in cloud accounting and business solutions. With its platform, XERO streamlined cloud accounting for SMEs, empowering them to manage, grow and expand finances across borders. Where XERO embodies an online accounting software solution, SCS seamlessly assumes the pivotal role of a guiding advisory, imparting expertise, and insights on the record.

Together, they pave the way for SMEs to embrace digital innovation, and secure up to a 50% Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) from the government – a crucial financial support to aid businesses in their transformation.

In the strategic planning phases, a question arose: How can we propel SCS’s campaign without commencing from ground zero? XERO was the solution that instantly met the criteria. Strategically capitalising on their alliance, the tagline “XERO in with Singapore Corporate Services” was crafted. XERO, with its international position, added credibility to SCS on a global scale, positioning SCS as a capable guiding advisory on scalability and highlighting its adaptability to serve businesses of different sizes and industries.

Alongside the tagline, to ensure comprehensive and enduring coverage for the year-long #MoreThanNumbers campaign, ABrandADay introduced a triple-phase communications approach – Strategic Planning, Business opportunities and Business Insights. These three phases served as the pillars of the campaign, allowing SCS to showcase their expertise and convey their value proposition, all while repositioning themselves as strategic advisors.


Authenticity was paramount to this campaign. We sought entrepreneurs who had grappled with genuine business challenges, ones that would be able to strike a chord among other SME owners.

Three key opinion leaders were selected to front the campaign: Chef Siang, co-owner of 3 Embers, Marco Teo, a third-generation business owner of Teck Huat & Co, as well as Zoe Zuo, founder of Innovative Hub. Their testimonials about the pivotal role that SCS played in addressing their business pain points, were woven in to provide practical insights and serve as a source of inspiration for other SMEs.

Their stories made their larger-than-life displays on the sides and backs of buses, capturing a fair share of attention as they traversed through the city. In our bold approach, we reaffirmed SCS’s position as an industry disruptor, fearlessly challenging the conventional, dull methods of B2B marketing.


The journey did not stop there. Tales of transformation with SCS were thrust into the digital spotlight, from advertorials to out-of-home (OOH) media. Chef Siang, Marco Teo and Zoe Zuo’s success stories were further echoed on radio airwaves into the ears of business owners everywhere.

A dedicated microsite served as the repository for these inspiring narratives, with SCS being the strategic support system behind them. Each reflected unique challenges and triumphs, one that SMEs could easily resonate with. This only left them with a simple yet profound question: “If SCS could make such a difference for them, why not engage their services to empower my own journey?”

“With the right tools and processes, numbers tell a story,
with precision and efficiency.”

– Alan Chang, Founder and Managing Director
of OA Group of Companies


Our campaign’s inception mirrored its conclusion, with consistency at the core of our approach. ABrandADay engaged Millie to conduct brand exposure studies and ensure that the strategy remained data-driven and informed throughout. The campaign’s success was evident. Following the radio campaigns and digital OOH campaigns, page views to Singapore corporate services website increase by 32% in the first month, website traffic surged by 34%.


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