Having a significant impact on many businesses’ value chains, Senoko Energy works towards supporting businesses in their transition to renewable energy and facilitating sustainable reporting.

Singapore is ramping up its sustainability efforts, moving towards mandatory climate-related disclosure for listed companies and a review of the carbon tax rate. Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of taking action, with renewable energy solutions being one of the core aspects.

With the energy sector responsible for 40% of carbon emissions in Singapore, Senoko Energy faces a hurdle: how to effectively convince businesses about the transformative benefits of its renewable energy solutions and engage them in sustainable initiatives.

How can Senoko Energy create a circle of influence, inspiring new partners to come on board and collaboratively accelerate the transition to renewable energy?


As businesses started reaching out to Senoko Energy with inquiries about renewable energy solutions, the significance of ESG considerations became apparent. Regulatory compliance, greening the value chain, and reporting are crucial aspects that businesses must address in their sustainability journey. Knowing that it needed to engage its clients and business partners, Senoko Energy finds itself in a sweet spot along the value chain. By exemplifying ESG principles itself, Senoko Energy can facilitate businesses to effortlessly incorporate sustainability into their reporting, driving meaningful change across the board.


Rather than starting on a blank slate with a proposal for new initiatives, ABrandADay looked within the organisation to understand Senoko Energy’s existing initiatives. Collaborating closely with the team, our goal was to identify the key components that could enhance their communication and engagement efforts.

What we did was to distil the wealth of information into a compelling narrative that resonates with the demands of businesses.

Our focus: to make ESG accessible, even to newcomers. Like a personalised feed, we curated a series of digests to provide an overview of the market landscape and government directives. And as the answer to these calls for sustainability, infographics were developed to narrate Senoko Energy’s initiatives. But we didn’t stop there.

By aligning Senoko Energy’s initiatives with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we conveyed Senoko Energy’s commitment to international standards.


The impact soon became evident as Senoko Energy onboarded 17 partners in the first year of its sustainability master campaign, #TakeCharge. Beyond a sales kit, it is a living narrative that drives sustainability forward. Rooted in the three pillars of #TakeCharge, it brings to life the essence of Collaboration, Solution, and Innovation.

The real excitement began to unfold after the sales kit was formalised. It sets the stage for future B2B and B2C events, enabling Senoko Energy to share its commitment with like-minded partners and consumers, facilitating collective
efforts towards sustainability.


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