How can we become new homeowners’ top-of-mind choice and establish Senoko Energy as their trusted energy partner in their home journey?

Established in 1977, Senoko Energy is a pioneering force in power generation and energy solutions, holding a dominant presence in the Open Electricity Market (OEM). Committed to their brand philosophy of “Live Smart, Save Smart”, Senoko Energy seeks to connect with the influx of new homeowners and become their trusted partner as they embark on their new home journey.

In Singapore, new homeowners are required to establish a utilities account with an energy provider as a prerequisite before key collection. Senoko Energy faces the challenge of positioning itself as the preferred OEM retailer and becoming the top-of-mind choice for new homeowners to switch to them even after the initial account setup.


To cultivate brand love for Senoko Energy, we had to speak the language of new homeowners. Moving into a new home was a significant life event, and we were eager to provide a platform to celebrate and share that excitement. This sparked “#NewHomeNewVibes”, a six-month social contest in partnership with COURTS Singapore, a leading retailer of consumer electronics and furniture.

We invited participants to open the door to their unique homeowner journey by sharing that magical moment of stepping into their new homes, or creative ways they welcomed their new living spaces, for a chance to win $30,000 worth of COURTS vouchers. The contest saw a grand launch across popular social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

What transpired was nothing short of heartwarming. New homeowners enthusiastically flooded the contest with endearing videos that captured their unique homeowner journey. “#NewHomeNewVibes” evolved into a genuine celebration of new homes and new beginnings and positioned Senoko Energy as a brand that truly understood that memorable feeling of becoming a new homeowner.


Embracing a distinctively Singaporean tradition of rolling pineapples for good luck and prosperity, “BB Ong Lai” was born as our charming symbol of this cherished custom. A lovable, bright yellow pineapple plushie, BB Ong Lai made its debut alongside its 4,999 equally plush companions in a vending machine at Courts Megastore, where new homeowners eagerly submitted their contact details to take home their very own BB Ong Lai.

Through BB Ong Lai and our partnership with COURTS, we reinvented the way Senoko Energy collected customer data. No longer was the process mundane and routine; instead, we leveraged on the cheerful pineapple plushie to inject a sense of joy and engagement into the data collection process. Our unique approach not only led to the successful expansion of the customer database but also left a lasting and positive impression on the audience long after the last BB Ong Lai was claimed.

On social media, BB Ong Lai took center stage on Senoko Energy’s page. Equipped with its very own Identification Card (IC), BB Ong Lai embarked on a journey across Singapore to unlock partner rebates and shared valuable energy-saving tips along the way.

With its endearing appeal and association with good fortune, BB Ong Lai immediately connected with the local audience and nurtured brand affection among new homeowners. The experience of collecting BB Ong Lai at the vending machine became an unforgettable experience for many, and firmly established BB Ong Lai in the hearts of our new homeowners.

“BB Ong Lai’s remarkable success reflects our commitment to go above and beyond the transactional aspects of our business. At Senoko Energy, we have always gone the extra mile to connect with our customers on a personal level and understand their unique needs and aspirations. BB Ong Lai embodies this very spirit, representing our dedication to fostering genuine connections and standing as a trusted partner in every homeowner’s journey. We’re thrilled to have BB Ong Lai as a beloved ambassador of Senoko Energy.”

– Heather Ang, Head of Marketing


In Senoko Energy’s pursuit of crafting the perfect new homeowner’s journey, compelling questions lingered: How could we provide new homeowners a seamless transition into their long-awaited dream homes that completed the entire customer journey? What would truly cement our position as the trusted partner for every new homeowner?

Guided by the brand’s enduring ethos of “Live Smart, Save Smart”, we embarked on partnerships with esteemed brands such as MyRepublic, Steigen, HipVan, Hydroflux, and many others. Together, we brought exclusive discounts and promo codes, specially tailored to assist new homeowners in making their move and settling into their new spaces. It was more than just a house; it’s about transforming empty spaces into homes where new homeowners not only can reside but enjoy, embodying the spirit of living smart and saving smart with Senoko Energy.


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