With the sustainability narrative still separate from its core brand identity, how can Senoko Energy demonstrate to SMEs that its adaptable solutions cater to diverse needs and scales?

Senoko Energy’s #TakeCharge sustainability master campaign kickstarted in 2022 with a virtual B2B forum, followed by a series of virtual and social campaigns. For the first time, Senoko Energy was able to engage businesses physically at Support SMB 2023, a trade event that rallied small-medium businesses together to support their sustainability journey.

With sustainability often linked to major topics like solar panels, how can we lower the barrier of entry and convince SMBs that even small changes matter? The challenge extends to making #TakeCharge come to life, creating meaningful conversations and forging partnerships aligned with sustainable narratives and social purposes.


With limited dimensions and the inclusion of a minivan EV, every facet demanded meticulous consideration. Traffic flow isn’t just about movement; it’s about the seamless navigation of ideas. Adopting an open concept with barriers dismantled – both physical and metaphorical – to create an environment conducive to exchanges, where conversations naturally revolved around sustainable solutions.


Addressing the lack of support and a unified platform for SMBs, Senoko Energy rallied with Maiora Renewable Energy, Wallbox, and ComfortDelgro Rent-A-Car. Each new partner represented a #TakeCharge vertical, covering different eco-fields. Further fuelling the sustainability conversation, Oatbedient stepped forward as a goodie bag sponsor. The collective goal? To string together the narratives and solutions of each partner, creating a synergy that sparks conversations that were long overdue.

Our task encompassed not just presenting information but crafting it into a language that businesses could truly understand. This was essential for them to understand the ‘why’ behind the need to embark on this journey, incorporating relevant case studies to showcase real-world impact.


Approaching event management through a sustainability lens was our primary focus. Our aim was to seamlessly weave sustainability into every aspect of the trade event.

From booth design to content engagement, the concerted efforts resonated positively with both exhibitors and attendees, earning Senoko Energy the “Best Sustainability Solution Award” at the end of the 2-day event.


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