How do we distil a comprehensive sustainability playbook into actionable steps for logisticians looking to make a difference in local communities?

Green practices aren’t going anywhere. More than ever, businesses around the globe are trying to reach environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

For a trade coalition like the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) to continue leveraging green supply chains and function as a pillar of our nation, the need to keep up with sustainability standards seemed even more imminent.


As Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, said when announcing the ‘Singapore Green Plan 2023’: “As we step towards a greener and low-carbon future, we will need to build a new social compact to prepare for changes in the way we live, work, and play.”

“Across the economy, we must move boldly to transform and capture the opportunities from the green transition.”

To take a step towards achieving that national goal, along with the SLA’s own Vision 2027, we begin a plan to engage local logisticians on this journey towards a cleaner and greener industry.

First, SLA worked closely with the statutory board Enterprise Singapore, which supports the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to craft the Logistics Sustainability Playbook.

Our job was to transform the wealth of information available into a single website from which industry professionals could seek actionable advice.


Putting together a ‘Green Supply Chain Knowledge Hub’ meant overcoming significant challenges along the way. Not only did we have to manage the ideas and opinions of all the different stakeholders, but the project’s short time frame also meant having to organise the relevant information into a single compelling, easy-to-understand website.

As an ESG-centric agency, we set out to create a point of reference where industry professionals could access all the information needed to kickstart their impactful environmental journeys and draw interest across the entire sector.


The hub was strategically crafted to cater to companies at different stages of the sustainability trek, offering information crucial for navigating the complexities of sustainable practices. Easy-to-follow infographics made it more intuitive for logisticians to grasp the appeal of green concepts at their fingertips – including the importance of sustainability, how to take action, success stories from others who have gone before them, and resources that could aid in their plans.

The hope was to lead them to eventually download the entire playbook and further explore how its solutions could be incorporated into implementable steps. One section in particular, Government Support, was added to shed light on the different programmes and grants companies could benefit from to move forward.


Our efforts culminated in a special event that took place on 21 February 2024, when SLA and Enterprise Singapore jointly launched the website to aid logistics companies in building green capabilities.

Guest of Honour Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Trade and Industry, said these new initiatives would help industry partners “understand all of the emerging sustainability trends within the sector”.

SLA Chairman Dave Ng concurred, noting that SMEs would be looking to the website as a new guide to address gaps in their understanding and processes.

“A lot of SMEs know that they must go green, but not how to go green. So the key thing is to make sure that whatever is relevant to logistics (players), we try to distil and decode the key things that are useful for them,” Mr Ng told The Business Times.


In addition to putting together the website, we played our part by planting a tree alongside other partners on World Environment Day, which coincided with SLA’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

The organisation kickstarted its foray into the “green movement” by pledging 50 trees to the OneMillionTrees initiative. The gesture, a show of its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, signalled a desire to proactively restore greenery to our planet while improving one’s carbon footprint.

We contributed the design of the exclusive t-shirt and pull-out banner for the event, at which Ms Grace Fu discussed the logistics industry’s growing potential for decarbonisation and the difference it will make for Singapore.

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