How can Thong Siek Global (TSG) reclaim its authority as a market leader?

TSG has a remarkable history of innovation, pioneering automation in the region and supermarket sales in Singapore with its beloved DoDo fish balls. Today, TSG encompasses a diverse portfolio of brands and reaches customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

While DoDo’s consumer brand (B2C) has achieved success, TSG faces weak overall brand recognition in the B2B space. To drive international growth, TSG must shift from its current role as a surimi product manufacturer, retailer, and distributor and embrace a new identity – that of a market authority.


TSG’s transformation has been anchored by technology and will continue to pave the way forward. Our conviction grew during the back-of-house tour, where we witnessed the scale of technological capabilities driving this differentiation. Beyond mere automation, the foresight of their smart factory, optimising supply chains from production to cold chain management, left us captivated.

However, amidst these impressive advancements, we uncovered critical insights during the brand audit session with the Management and department representatives: TSG faces a brand positioning challenge – unsure of how to effectively present the brand to customers today. Additionally, the company must expand beyond its current product range and explore new distribution opportunities to stay competitive in the market.


Embedded in TSG’s DNA is a steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality and strong innovation. Our goal is to initiate meaningful conversations that resonate with today’s discerning consumers, where food is no longer just a commodity but a reflection of their lifestyle and beliefs. Hence, we carefully crafted a brand tagline and narrative centred around “The Future of Food.”

As TSG sets its sights on expanding its distribution capabilities, our strategic vision is clear.

We have to drive the association of TSG as a hallmark of authority, where every brand under its supply chain embraces the shared principles of Product Quality, Wellness, and Sustainability.


This time, it is on Environmental Social Governance. We integrated ESG principles into TSG’s brand communications strategy. This means going beyond relying solely on existing CSR efforts and technology. Instead, making use of every facet of TSG as a conglomerate in Singapore to move the value chain, engaging suppliers, distributors, and restaurateurs.

Our focus is to provide ESG advisory, guiding TSG to take its first steps in this pivotal direction. The future of food, for the palate and planet.


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