How can we introduce a budding digital artist to Singapore’s vibrant arts scene and tell a memorable story at
a debut exhibit?


A well-established musician and entrepreneur, Zhang YiFei is no stranger to the joys of a busy, hustling lifestyle. But with the COVID-19 pandemic’s isolation came a deep loneliness like never before.

In these trying times, the simple stroke on an iPad became a lifeline for expressing emotions that words cannot capture. Balancing her artistic pursuits with her role as a business owner, Zhang YiFei found solace, strength and rekindled her passion for life. 2023 found the self-taught digital artist ready to officially share her breakthrough with friends, supporters and the local arts scene.


• To create an immersive, experiential journey using the exhibition space

• To tell a story through visual cues and the language of art


From ideation to execution, ABrandADay took a hands-on approach in planning Zhang YiFei’s first public exhibit every step of the way, perfecting every detail before bringing it to life.

We asked ourselves: How should the digital artist be perceived, and how could we go about crafting that profile? How to simulate the senses for an immersive experience?

We started with the basics – what’s in a title?

“Metamorphosis” – the exhibit’s namesake, reflects the artist’s journey of emergence from darkness to light.

It was a case of spatial communication. Every choice held visual weight, carried meaning. The layout of the space was planned with the intention of building up a story and gradually revealing it in sections. In partnership with Samsung, the digital artworks – including a hyper lapsed creation video of key masterpieces – was showcased on wall-mounted screens. The music was curated to immerse visitors into the atmosphere, a sensory invitation to be present and attuned to the walkthrough experience.

Black-coloured walls represented a darkness that the artist wished to express, a type of subliminal messaging that purposely muted the overall environment to drive attention and accentuate the visual impact of the digital artworks.

Visual elements included the logo on media kits and merchandise, as well as electronic promotional materials. Each component painted a bigger picture. The end result? A mesmerising, contemplative three-part journey.


Picture a maze-like space, flanked by dark walls. You might as well have crossed into another time, into a far-flung, intimate microcosm that beckons dwelling. Each step comes with serene, ambient music that surrounds your ears. Somehow, it feels quiet. It feels like the remnants of grief. It feels like a release in waiting.

60 artworks adorn the walls, carefully chosen from three years of creative exploration. Each one reflects personal battles and triumphs, baring the artist’s inner psyche.

“I want visitors to leave feeling lighter, knowing that others share the same struggles and emotions. I want them to realise they are not alone in their journeys.”

– Zhang YiFei

The first segment of the exhibit – “Between the Lines”, showcases intricate fine lines unveiling hidden depths. It invites viewers to come closer, to take their time inspecting every stroke in each piece.

Between the Lines encourages us to embrace differences and accept imperfections, because life is a tapestry of experiences.

As you make a turn, the “Twin Self” section greets you with artworks that beg the question: can identities be multifaceted? Here the artist explores pain, explores dilemma.

Twin Self acknowledges vulnerability while celebrating the journey from struggle to triumph.

The journey concludes with “Sparks”, recognisable for cheerful illustrations that seem ready to bounce out of their frames, reflecting the apt namesake. A cry of self-actualisation.

Whimsical, colourful, celebratory – “Sparks” conveys a sense of hope at the end of darkness.


Zhang YiFei’s exhibition warmly welcomed the public with free admission. Alongside the art pieces available for purchase in both digital and print formats, visitors could also purchase a limited release of the Malhadinha Grande Reserva Portugal 2019 wine. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition went to the ExtraOrdinary People, a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting communities with special needs.

A journey like deliverance from a cocoon, reminding us to emerge from the dark and embrace the light – such is Metamorphosis.


883 North Bridge Road #15-03

Southbank, Singapore 198785