ESG Integration Begins with a Strategy

Align your brand’s core values with actionable strategies.
Where purpose meets strategy.
Today, brands are more than products or services.
Brands are voices for change. Brands are catalysts for progress.

Why Does Sustainable Narrative Matter?

Meeting Market Expectations

Align your brand narrative with ethical values to cater to the increasing consumer demand for responsible choices that resonate with their principles.

Increase in Brand Value

Advance a brand from a participant to an active voice for impact and responsibility, amplifying brand equity and reinforcing investor confidence.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify and address potential pitfalls using a sustainability framework, ensuring long-term resilience.

Attracting Talent And Partnerships

Set the stage for innovation and collective impact; a strategic move to attract the best minds and create powerful alliances that drive progress.

ESG Journeys Entrusted to Us

Best Use of Sustainability

Our Approach

ESG is more than just a story or numbers. It’s about transparency, accountability, and engaging customers and stakeholders.


Establish an ESG blueprint alongside key stakeholders. Our assessments pinpoint material ESG issues, ensuring focused efforts.

Strategy and Planning Services

  • Strategy and Planning Services
  • Goal Setting and Measurement
  • Materiality Assessments
  • Product Opportunity Analysis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Strategic Framework Creation
  • Communication Framework


Understand the brand’s impact and potential. Identify and reinforce your impact narrative through brand and campaign assets.

Messaging and Brand Identity Services

  • Concept Development
  • ESG Narrative
  • Audience Mapping
  • Brand Expressions


Embed ESG-centric values in the marketing strategy. Live up to the brand promise and communicate that through your channels.

Strategy and Planning Services

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Thought Leadership
  • Sustainability Marketing (Marketing Collaterals, Content Creation, Speaking, Awards)
  • Social Media
  • Experiential Events


Craft ESG reports in line with local regulations and global standards, transforming metrics into visual insights to inform decisions and enhance transparency.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting Services

  • ESG Reporting
  • Reporting Framework Alignment
  • Data Analysis and Visualisation
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Human Capital Disclosure

ESG Kickstarter

With green as the new currency, intangible assets have taken form.

2030. 2050.

Key targets, milestones and blueprints are set in motion globally.

Chart new grounds with our ESG Kickstarter Project.


  • Product Opportunity Analysis, Concept Development and Communication Framework


  • Brand Expressions and Sustainability Marketing


  • Website


Certified with Enterprise Singapore, ABrandADay builds SMEs for growth and enhances brand potential through sustainable strategy development

Grant support of up to 70% is available through the Enterprise Development Grant for your sustainability projects from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026.

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Product / service / solution development

ESG Conversations

The ONE thing all brands should try in 2024

What do Taylor Swift, Speco, and Singapore Airlines have in common? Take a deep dive into the building blocks that make the most compelling brand stories the world can’t help but believe in. 

Lessons from Coldplay

2024: the year of concerts. But exciting as it may sound, having a fun concert experience doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet. Coldplay and Billie Eilish say so. 

Pointing fingers won’t save this planet

It’s the age-old chicken and egg argument — who should bear the responsibility for addressing climate change? The consumer or the corporation? ESG is not an overnight band-aid solution to the climate crisis, and now is not the time to point fingers.

Man, Living Green is Kinda Tough

Selfish sustainability. What is that, and why should anyone care? With the best intentions for our planet at heart, the path forward may require a sprinkle of selfish appeal.

Going Green With AI: A Myth?

The future is digital, and AI is no doubt part of the picture. How can brands use this technology in an eco-friendly way? We explore how AI, with its transformative power, can play a role in the sustainability movement. 

Your brand will cease to exist in 6 years’ time

To ensure brand survival in our rapidly changing world, addressing climate change head-on is imperative for securing a sustainable future.



Brand Activation, Creative Conceptualisation, Stakeholder Management



Brand Architecture, Brand Expressions: Imageries & Narratives, Communications Strategy

Thong Siek Global (TSG)


ESG Framework & Narratives, Presentation Deck, Content Strategy




Brand Identity & Positioning,
Packaging Design



ESG Framework & Narratives Presentation Deck Content Strategy



ESG Framework &
Narratives Presentation
Deck Content Strategy


Sustainability Voices

Meet our certified ESG advocates, ready to guide individuals and organisations on the path of sustainability. With specialised training, they’re equipped to navigate the intricacies of ESG principles, strategies, and best practices.

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