De’Longhi is a global coffee authority. Born from Italian passion and craftsmanship, its collection of fully automatic and pump espresso coffee machines brings the world of coffee to our homes. Discover the bean-to-cup journey with De’Longhi.

The Brief

The Challenge

The Solution

Profiling of Target Audience

To guide content curation for a cohesive digital presence, we established four content verticals – Branding, Product, Promotion and People. The verticals are also expressed visually through the respective elements in the artwork design.

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Each colour was profiled individually. To spark a connection, we appealed to the consumers’ lifestyles – their love for coffee, their beautiful homes, and their go-to activities. Beyond a coffee machine, Dedica has become a representation of the owner’s exquisite taste.

The individual key visuals have a second purpose. They served as mood boards for Dedica’s social media campaign, ensuring that the visual identities follow through in the influencers’ postings.

Digital Engagement

The Dedica line is a semi-automated pump espresso coffee machine. Its compact size and variety of bold and muted colours speak to a younger audience – first-time coffee machine buyers and/or first-time home buyers. Aesthetics and practicality greatly influence their purchase decision.

Scope Of Work

The Results

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