Philips TV & Sound


A global innovator in the area of TV & Sound, Philips believes that there is “always a way to make life better”. Whether used on the go, at work, or at home, it strives to take consumers into a world where technology is more than just technology.

The Brief

The Challenge

The Solution

Social Posts Framework

To boost brand recall, ABrandADay established a set of design frameworks for its Facebook posts. Philips TV & Sound now takes on a more modern and futuristic appearance to convey its positioning statement – the difference is real.

Building Emotional Connection

Human experience is a key to Philips’ customer journey. We integrated Philips’ products into real-life scenarios, allowing users to visualise how their homes and/or lifestyles could get even better.

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KOL Engagement and Management

Following a comprehensive re-evaluation of Coffeehock’s product range, as well as its target audience, ABrandADay reduced the cross-posting frequency. The agency identified relevant product categories based on user demographics, catering to the different interests of Facebook and Instagram users.

Scope Of Work

The Results

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