ABrandADay’s Projects
Coulisse Heir


A luxury hair and scalp care advocate, Coulisse Heir is set to disrupt the market with its premium hair and scalp care services. Providing the first-of-its-kind, fully private pod setting, the newly opened boutique offers a sanctuary for busy urbanities to connect with themselves for some self care time.


Build a brand story

Curate a brand imagery guide that sets Coulisse Heir’s tone of voice and visual identity

Develop and execute a 6-month marketing plan


Distinguish the new luxury business in a saturated hair and scalp industry

Bridge the two concepts of avant-garde (its brand identity) and unstructured (interior design)

Scalp Care is the new Skin Care, Scalp Care is the new Self Care

Building on Coulisse Heir’s founding premise of “self love” and “self care”, ABrandADay crafted the tagline “Scalp Care, Self Care”. It draws parallels to skincare, driving the message that scalp care is essentially a part of the skincare regimen. To prepare for its launch, the agency developed a set of Brand Imagery that serves as a visual inspiration and guidelines for Coulisse Heir.

Opening Launch

ABrandADay also collaborated with its PR agency for the launch event, which saw a total of 28 media and KOLs attendees.

Go-to-Market Strategy

To differentiate Coulisse Heir from its competitors, ABrandADay focused on cementing the luxury brand’s brand positioning as an advocate of self care and scalp care. This is achieved through Partnership Marketing, Influencer Marketing and a by-invite only Brand Activation with prolific business partners.

The agency also identified a secondary target audience and prepared a differentiated marketing strategy for adoption in the second half of its operational year.


– Brand Positioning

– Brand Imagery

– Copywriting

– Marketing Strategies

– Partnership Marketing

– Brand Activation

– Influencer Marketing / KOL Engagement

The Results

$127,500 Earned Media Coverage