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A pioneer in the industry, Senoko Energy aims to be an energy provider with a positive impact on the environment by advancing sustainability in its operations as well as in its various CSR programmes. Since 2000, it has achieved a 42 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint.

The Challenge

A sustainability campaign that demonstrates Senoko Energy’s commitment to

  • Reducing carbon emissions;
  • Supporting renewable energy sources; and
  • Encouraging sustainable lifestyles across households and corporates.

The Solution

A sustainability campaign that

  • Has a low barrier of entry / appeals to a wide demographic;
  • Helps to create a mindset shift; and
  • Engages the B2C and B2B segments.


Events Activation

The pandemic set a new momentum for cycling and this presented an opportunity for promoting green commutes. ABrandADay and Senoko Energy launched #CycleForChange as the flagship campaign to kick off #TakeCharge, the energy provider’s new sustainability plan. More on #TakeCharge here.


With Covid-19 restrictions in place, we conceptualised #CycleForChange as a virtual event to increase the accessibility and appeal of the campaign. Participants were able to clock their distances anytime, anywhere during the 6-week period.

Strategic Partnerships

ABrandADay identified three types of target audiences –

avid cyclists, eco-conscious and young families. To amplify the campaign, we looked beyond Senoko Energy’s database and rallied like-minded businesses to take the sustainability leap. With over 13 eco-partners on board, the alliance strengthened the call for change. It also opened the doors to the various consumer groups. For instance, Togoparts community of avid cyclists, eco-conscious shoppers of The Source Bulk Foods as well as Mandarin Oriental, Singapore’s database of young families.


#CycleForChange achieved twice its target, garnering 2,273 participants for Senoko Energy’s inaugural virtual cycling event.

Sustainability Storytelling

Together with Senoko Energy, we set the target to take 700 cars off the road with the support of at least 1,000 cyclists.


The call for change was fronted by key leaders from Senoko Energy and its partners, and Garmin Singapore, rallying businesses and households to take immediate actions to reduce carbon footprint.


Senoko Energy’s commitment towards supporting renewable energy sources is demonstrated through the campaign mechanics. Together with its partner,, Senoko Energy pledged to offset an additional three times more carbon emissions through the purchase of local Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).


Key Visuals

Green, a symbol of a greener future, was adopted as the primary colour for the campaign. A bar showing the orange-green spectrum signified Senoko Energy’s transition from a brown to green energy provider. The key visual also features three talents representative of the identified target groups – avid cyclists, eco-conscious and young families.


To tie back #CycleForChange to Senoko Energy’s sustainability plan, the key visual bears the #TakeCharge emblem

Video Production

A series of videos was written and produced to build the campaign narrative. To lead the big idea, we profiled key leaders from Senoko Energy, and Garmin Singapore in the pre-publicity video. Eco-partners were also invited to share their vision of a greener Singapore and the how their green solutions enable consumers to close the gap.


At the heart of sustainability is the impact on future generations. ABrandADay invited a few children to be a part of the sustainability conversation with Senoko Energy’s Chief Executive Officer. The objective is simple – to bring forth the message that change can start small, and it starts with you and me.


#CycleForChange Campaign Site

Togoparts, an established virtual cycling event portal that features real-time leaderboards and results, was selected as the event platform for #CycleForChange.


The platform’s robust infrastructure allowed ABrandADay to introduce categories (family, corporate, interest group) and challenges to sustain interest throughout the 6-week campaign. Post-event, Senoko Energy obtained high-level data (such as the performance of individual challenges) which will shape subsequent editions of the campaign.

Digital Amplification

Senoko Energy achieved 1.3 million digital and social media reach and a healthy click/engagement rate of 2.5% – 3% for its #CycleForChange campaign. Its branded channels, as well as partners’ channels, were used to drive awareness and conversations about sustainability and #CycleForChange.

To engage the younger demographics, Senoko Energy launched its official TikTok channel and challenged Singaporeans to a #TakeCharge Hashtag Challenge. To participate, users were to showcase positive lifestyle changes made to reduce carbon footprint. Among which, #CycleForChange was promoted as one way to participate in the TikTok Hashtag Challenge.

The Results

1.3 million Digital and Social Media reach

2.5% – 3% Click / Engagement Rate

2,273 Participants

426,768 kg of CO2 saved

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